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Use Of Inverter Power Supply
Apr 13, 2018

    Inverter power is widely used in all kinds of power, communication, industrial equipment, satellite communication equipment, military vehicle, medical ambulance, police car, ship, solar energy and wind power. The circuit that converts the direct current to the alternating current is called the inverter circuit. In a specific case, the same thyristor converter circuit can be used for rectification and inverting.

   When the converter works in the inverter state, if the AC side of the converter is connected to the AC power supply, the DC inverter is converted to the same frequency alternating current to the power grid, which is called the active inverter. If the AC side of the converter is not connected to the power grid and directly receives the load, the DC inverter is converted to a certain frequency or adjustable frequency of the AC supply load, which is called passive inverter. AC variable frequency speed regulation is based on this principle. Active inverter is used not only in DC reversible speed regulation system, but also in cascade speed regulation and high voltage direct current transmission of AC rotor asynchronous motor.

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