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The Function Of Pure Sine Wave Inverter
Dec 29, 2017

(1) avoiding the repeated investment of the battery group, reducing the maintenance of the system and reducing the operating cost of the system

2. The DC screen of power system and post office system usually adopts VRLA battery. Because DC screen has high reliability and long life (10~15 years), the reliability and life of DC screen can be greatly improved. The battery in the conventional UPS often has no maintenance and no monitoring, it is easy to appear in the case that the battery has long been damaged but can not be found in time.

(3) because of the large capacity of the DC screen, the power supply of the inverter can provide enough AC power supply time after the power grid is broken.

Lightning protection system: the damage caused by lightning strikes is common, and there are numerous losses to the production. In order to reduce the losses caused by lightning, the power supply system is equipped with an advanced lightning protection unit, which effectively prevents lightning from damaging the equipment. The input circuit can effectively, reliably and quickly absorb the pulse voltage of up to 6000VP-P? 10US-700US at the input end, so as to ensure that the output power equipment is not affected.

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