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Solar Controller
Oct 09, 2017

The solar energy control system consists of solar panels, batteries, controllers and loads.

The solar controller is a device that controls the charging of photovoltaic panels and provides a load control voltage for a voltage sensitive device. It provides and controls the charging and discharging conditions of the battery, and controls the power output of the solar module and the battery to the load according to the demand of the load, and is the core control part of the whole PV system. It is designed for power supply systems for communications or monitoring devices in remote areas. The controller's charging control and load control voltage are fully adjustable, and can display battery voltage, load voltage, solar array voltage, charging current and load current.

Almost all solar power systems powered by batteries require a solar charge and discharge controller. The function of solar charge and discharge controller is to regulate power, and to transfer power from solar panel to battery. Battery overshoot, at least significantly reduce battery life, from the worst is to damage the battery until it is not normal use.

The solar controller adopts high speed CPU microprocessor and high-precision A/D analog-to-digital converter, and is a microcomputer data acquisition and monitoring control system. The current working state of PV system can be collected in real time, the work information of PV station can be obtained at any time, and the historical data of PV station may be accumulated in detail, which provides accurate and sufficient basis for evaluating the rationality of PV system design and the reliability of testing system parts quality. In addition, the solar Controller also has serial communication data transmission function, can be multiple photovoltaic system sub station centralized management and long-distance control.

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