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Introduction To Load Of Power Regulator
Oct 09, 2017

1. Inductive load:

The controller can be operated with a transformer, and the gradual attenuation of the magnetic field is gradually paramagnetic and slow off, and the pulse width variable triggering technology can provide enough locking time to reach the thyristor-controlled current, so as to avoid a narrow pulse triggering unreliable. High reliability SCM Hardware system and proprietary software design program, so that the machine in a variety of industrial complex power grid environment, no current impact and long-term stability of the work. Can be widely used in industrial low-voltage, large electric current electric heating equipment, such as metallurgy, building materials, chemical industry, textile and other industries in the silicon carbon rod, silicon and molybdenum wire and other electrical components of electric heating and molybdenum electrodes, graphite electrodes in the heating medium of the electrical melting and chemical industry reaction kettle and other needs of the occasion of a series of transformers.

2. Resistive load:

1 Heat Inertia small category: The use of electrical slow start 1 minutes or longer, to avoid the negative resistance in the vicinity of 700 ℃ impact current. The gradual weakening of the magnetic field and the gradual decay of the pulse-width variable triggering technique can provide sufficient locking time to reach the thyristor-gated current, so as to avoid the unreliable triggering of narrow pulses. (including resistance furnaces, heaters, ovens, baking path, infrared radiation heating lamp, etc. temperature automatic/manual control (heating, thermostat, automatic temperature control) and applied to voltage regulation, dimming, AC-DC motor speed, electroplating, battery charging and other equipment, especially suitable for small heat inertia of the electric heating system.

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