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What should you pay attention to when replacing the solar street light controller?
Nov 24, 2018

Generally, the service life of solar panels is about 20 years, and the service life of light sources is generally about 8 years, and the poles are hardly broken. Today, the small series of Soluowei solar controllers will introduce to you if there is a malfunction of the solar street light controller, we need to pay attention to what needs to be replaced by a new controller.

    We all know that solar street lighting projects include solar street light controllers, batteries, solar panels, light sources and light poles. The warranty period for solar street light controllers and batteries is generally 3 to 4 years, so the small series of Solois solar controllers believe that in solar street lighting systems, solar street light controllers and batteries are vulnerable products, that solar energy The points that need to be noticed when the street lamp controller fails are as follows:

    1, the type of battery. Be aware of lead acid or gel batteries, or lithium batteries. The type of battery is different, and the controller selection is different because the battery charging parameters are different.

    2. The power of the light source. If it is 30W or less, use 10A current controller. If it is 30W to 60W with 20A controller, it refers to 12V system voltage. When 24V voltage, the power is multiplied by 2.

    3. The power of solar energy. If less than 150W, use a 10A controller and use a 20A controller between 150W and 250W.

    4. Arrangement of light source bead. If it is more than 3 strings, use the step-down street lamp controller, 4 or more strings, and use the step-up solar street lamp controller, which is up to 14 strings.

    5. Whether the light source has a built-in drive. The Xiaoluo solar controller's Xiaobian believes that if the light source itself has a drive, the controller uses an ordinary solar street light controller. If there is no driving power source inside the light source, then you must purchase a constant current control integrated machine.

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