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What is the role of solar street light controllers?
Nov 17, 2018

With the development of science and technology, people's awareness of environmental protection has also increased, and the country has begun to vigorously advocate energy-saving and environmental protection awareness. Solar street lamps have great advantages in this respect, and with its advantages of convenient installation and low maintenance cost, it has received a lot of advantages. People favor, we all know that solar street lighting system is mainly composed of solar panels, batteries, light poles, solar street light control and LED lamp heads, and solar street light controller is an important part of solar street light system components, that solar street light controller What is the role of it, the following small series will introduce to you

    1. The solar street lamp controller has a control function. Under normal working conditions, when the solar panel is charged by the solar street lamp controller, the controller will automatically detect the charging voltage, and then the solar controller The smart chip will control the output of the LED lamp without outputting voltage, so that the LED can be illuminated.

    2. The solar street light controller has a boosting effect. Under normal working conditions, when the solar street light controller does not detect the output voltage, the solar controller controls the output voltage from the output. At this time, if the battery voltage is 24 volts, it needs 36 volts to reach the normal lighting requirement. Left and right, the Xiaoluo solar controller's Xiaobian believes that in order to meet the input voltage requirements of the light source, the controller will raise the voltage. At this time, the LED street light controller must be used to realize the LED light.

    3. The solar street light controller has a voltage regulation function. The discovery of Solois Solar Controller Xiaobian found that when the solar panel charges the battery, its voltage is very unstable. If it is directly charged, it will reduce the battery life or damage. At this time, the solar street light controller The voltage regulation function will limit the voltage of the input battery to a constant voltage. When the battery is fully charged, it will charge its small current or not.

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