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What is the difference between sine wave inverters and general inverters?
Nov 26, 2018

1. Pure dazzling wave inverters are suitable for any inductive load and resistive load. Inductive load includes all kinds of equipment with AC motors, refrigerators, washing machines, etc. Square sweep modified wave inverters are suitable for resistive loads such as lighting and TV heaters. The cost of adding controllable boost function in the rear stage of pure dazzling wave inverters is very high.

2. Pure sinusoidal wave inverters are used in electronic circuits which require high waveform parameters because of their strict functional parameters and high price. Generally, inverters are hybrid waveforms of sinusoidal, square and clutter components, which can be used for general electrical appliances at a lower price.

3. The difference between pure dazzling wave inverters and inverters is that the output voltage waveforms are different. The pure dazzling wave inverters are suitable for all electrical appliances, and the general inverters are suitable for pure resistance electrical appliances such as electric furnaces.

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