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The mode of Solar Controller
Oct 09, 2017

1, Pure optical control mode: When there is no sunlight, the intensity of light to the starting point, the controller delay 10 minutes to confirm the start signal, according to the set parameters open load, load began to work; when there is sunshine, light strong to the starting point, the controller delay 10 minutes to confirm the shutdown signal after the shutdown output, load stop working

2, light control Overtime control mode: The starting process and pure light control, when the load work to set time automatically closed, set time 1 ~ 14 hours.

3. Manual mode: This mode allows the user to control the opening and closing of the load by pressing the key, whether in the daytime or at night. This mode is used for special load situations or for debugging purposes.

4, Debugging Mode: used in the system debugging, when the light signal is closed load, no light signal open load, convenient installation and commissioning check the correctness of the system installation.

5, often open mode: The power load has been maintained in the output state, this mode is suitable for 24-hour power supply load.

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