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Australia's clean-energy finance company has invested a total of 1 gigawatts of solar energy.
Apr 15, 2018

"Increasing the amount of renewable energy generated in the power structure is essential for the Australian economy to achieve net zero emissions in the second half of this century," said CEFC's director of large solar projects.

"Australian clean energy finance companies invest in solar energy projects by a total of one gigawatt"

Since 2013, the Australian clean energy finance corporation (CEFC) has invested a total of $898 million ($689 million) in solar projects with a total of 1GW in 20 large projects.

Chen sheng, a 1GW renewable energy project, has enough clean energy to power about 375,000 homes, reducing carbon emissions by about 1.8 million tons a year.

In 2017, Australia's renewable energy industry has pledged to invest 50 large projects with a total capacity of 4,670 megawatts, with a total investment of a $9.3 billion.

Overall, CEFC investment support programs are available in Queensland, new south wales, Victoria and western Australia.

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