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What should you pay attention to when choosing to install distributed pv?
Mar 11, 2018

Distributed pv is popular all over the world with its own energy conservation, emission reduction and green environmental characteristics. More and more villa owners also use distributed photovoltaic as decoration standard. What should you pay attention to when choosing to install a distributed photovoltaic process?

1. Early stage: roof condition of oneself.

Since distributed pv needs to be installed on the roof, the conditions on the roof are required.

First of all, you need to have a roof of your own, which must be a large number of photovoltaic supporters. Of course, if you want to install the distributed photovoltaic, you need to ask the owner's permission and the consent of the neighborhood committee to install it.

Second, the area and orientation of the roof leads directly to the power generation. A large area facing the south roof is definitely a favorite of distributed photovoltaic. It not only maximizes the installation of solar panels, but also maximizes power generation efficiency. But in reality such roofs are a minority. The vast majority of roofs have a small roof area, facing north, tiger Windows and so on. Although this is a small obstacle in the installation of distributed photovoltaic process, it can maximize the use efficiency of the roof through professional layout design.

Finally, whether there is an occluder near the roof directly affects the efficiency of distributed photovoltaic power generation. Around the roof, there may be electric poles, satellite dishes, trees and so on. For the avoidance of trees, the appropriate pruning can be done. However, it is only possible to calculate the range of shadow effect through the shadow analysis. As a reference in the later arrangement, the most powerful layout design is designed.

Ii. Medium term: select professional photovoltaic power generation system service provider.

With the right roof, you need to choose a professional photovoltaic system service provider. The subject is specialized! Professional things, you need professional people to do. At present, there are some low price teams in the market, which has destroyed the original healthy development of the photovoltaic industry.

Need professional installation of distributed photovoltaic technology, hydropower, construction personnel must understand the structure and understand drawings, electrical, and familiar with the use of a variety of tools, and the characteristics of photovoltaic system itself. Since pv system design life is 25 years, the system is required to be as safe and stable as possible, and the auxiliary materials and hardware can reach an extremely long life. The roof also needs holes to be fixed at a certain time, to make it waterproof and even waterproof. These low-cost contractors cannot.

Iii. Later: power generation monitoring and earnings.

After the installation of distributed pv, the power generation of the power station must be the focus of the owner. The average owner can learn about the day's electricity generation by looking at the inverter, but it's very hard. For example, the company can provide WeChat monitoring system, and the owner can understand the electricity generation of the roof in real time through mobile phone.

Due to the state and local photovoltaic subsidies, the distributed photovoltaic power generation revenue is also the focus of the owner's interest. At present, distributed pv is widely used in the mode of spontaneous self-use. Of surplus photovoltaic power generation systems, photovoltaic power by power grid enterprise online is responsible for measuring, statistics, by the national power photovoltaic system capacity can be fixed subsidies, according to the measurement data of pv power grid enterprises in accordance with the degree of electricity subsidy standards prescribed by the state according to the settlement cycle forwarding state subsidies.

As a result, the owner will only need to sit on a regular basis to wait for the power generation subsidy to enter the bank card that you originally reserved.

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