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Solarway tells you: classification of off-grid inverters
Oct 12, 2018

There are many principles for inverter classification, and Solarway New Energy tells you that it is mainly focused on classification.


First, according to the scope of application:

A, ordinary inverter. For example, NM/NP/FS/NK series inverters: DC 12V or 24V input, AC 220V, 50Hz output, power from 75-5000W.

B, inverter / charging integrated inverter. Such inverters can use various forms of power to power AC loads, such as the NPS series produced by Solarway New Energy: when there is AC power, use AC power to power the load through the inverter, or charge the battery; Use a battery to power the AC load. It can be used in conjunction with a variety of power sources: batteries, generators, solar panels and wind turbines.

C. Communication-specific inverter. Provide high-quality 48V power supply for communication, with good performance, high reliability and modular structure.

D, aviation, military-specific inverters. This kind of inverter is DC 28V input, which can provide AC output voltage of 26V, 115V, 230V, its output frequency can be 50Hz, 60-400Hz, and the output power can range from 30-3500W.


Second, according to the output waveform:

A. Correction wave inverter: The AC voltage waveform output by this type of inverter is square wave, the circuit is relatively simple, and the number of power switches used is small. For example, the NM series and NS series produced by Solarway New Energy have the advantages of simple circuit, low price and convenient maintenance. The disadvantage is that the output square wave voltage contains certain high harmonics, with iron core inductance or Additional losses will be generated in the load consumers of the transformer, which may interfere with audio and communication equipment.

B. Sine wave inverter: The AC voltage waveform output by the sine wave inverter is a sine wave. For example, Solarway produces FS series, NP series and NK series. The advantages of these three series of sine wave inverters are good output waveform, low distortion rate THD<3%, complete isolation design, safety factor, audio and communication. The equipment has low interference and low noise. In addition, the protection function is complete, the adaptability to inductive and capacitive loads is strong, and the whole machine is highly efficient.


There are many classification principles for inverters. For example, according to the number of phases of the inverter output AC voltage, it can be divided into single-phase inverters and three-phase inverters. According to different types of semiconductor devices used in inverters, they can be divided. It is a transistor inverter, a MOSFFET module inverter, and a thyristor inverter.


The above information comes from Jiaxing Solarway New Energy Co., Ltd., German technology, made in China, and Solarway focuses on the development and production of off-grid solar equipment. Please indicate the source, thank you.

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