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Solarway takes you to know the third of the photovoltaic off-grid inverters ——Analysis of the seven protection functions
Oct 11, 2018

The competition of solar off-grid inverter industry is becoming more and more fierce. Many manufacturers are willing to cut corners in order to reduce costs. Many unsuspecting customers often jump into the pits of unscrupulous merchants without knowing it. Let everyone know more about inverters and become more professional customers. The following solarway New Energy introduces the protection functions in the main technical indicators of the off-grid inverter:

During the normal operation of the solar photovoltaic power generation system, factors such as load failure, personnel misoperation and external interference may cause many problems in the power supply system. The inverters of solarway's new energy production have seven protection functions: low voltage, high voltage, and Flow and short circuit, overload, over temperature, reverse connection, ground fault.

A. voltage protection is divided into overvoltage protection and low voltage protection:

Overvoltage protection: If the input end of the inverter is a battery pack, the DC input voltage of the inverter when the battery is overcharged should exceed the standard value. For example, after a 12V battery is overcharged, the voltage may reach 16V or higher, which may damage the inverter of the latter stage. The inverters produced by Solarway all have overvoltage protection. When the battery voltage is higher than 15V, the protection circuit will put the inverter in standby mode.

Low-voltage protection: In order to prevent battery over-discharge and cause damage to the battery, the inverter provided by solarway New Energy will turn off the inverter when the battery voltage is lower than 10V (no AC voltage output at this time), inverter The device is in standby mode.

B. Overcurrent and short circuit protection: The overcurrent protection of the inverter acts in time when the load is short-circuited or the current exceeds the allowable value, so as to protect it from the inrush current.

C. Overload protection: The inverter output current exceeds the rated value and continues to pass for more than the specified time. In order to prevent damage to the inverter and circuit, it will stop running. Generally, it can carry 100%-110% of the rated power. When the overload exceeds the rated power by 110%-130%, the product will be overload protected. Impacting any load will not cause a burn-in phenomenon.

D. Over-temperature protection: When the inverter is working normally, the fan does not turn. When the temperature is too high, the fan runs automatically. When the temperature drops, the fan stops running automatically. When the fan is damaged and the temperature is too high, the inverter will turn off the inverter and enter standby mode.

When the temperature drops, the inverter is automatically started and the AC power is output.

E. Reverse connection protection: The damage of the inverter to the inverter is very large. The inverter produced by solarway New Energy provides reverse connection protection.

F. Leakage protection: Corrected wave series output AC grounding design to prevent the inverter from being shocked by personnel. It has grounding overvoltage protection function. The grounding voltage exceeds 36V, and the product is automatically protected. The sine wave series adopts full isolation design.

The above information comes from Jiaxing solarway New Energy Co., Ltd., German technology, made in China, and Solarway focuses on the development and production of off-grid solar equipment. Please indicate the source, thank you.


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