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solarway takes you to know the second of the photovoltaic off-grid inverters ——Output efficiency analysis
Oct 11, 2018

The competition of solar off-grid inverter industry is becoming more and more fierce. Many manufacturers are willing to cut corners in order to reduce costs. Many unsuspecting customers often jump into the pits of unscrupulous merchants without knowing it. Let everyone know more about inverters and become more professional customers. The following Solarway New Energy introduces the output efficiency of the main technical indicators of the off-grid inverter:

The rated inverter output efficiency is equal to the inverter output power divided by the input power, and the efficiency of the inverter will vary greatly depending on the load. The efficiency value of the inverter represents the magnitude of its own power loss, usually expressed as a percentage. The inverter produced by Solarwell New Energy is a special inverter for solar photovoltaic power generation system. In the design, special attention is paid to reducing its own power loss and improving the efficiency of the whole machine. This is an important factor to improve the technical and economic indicators of solar photovoltaic power generation system. Measures. The overall machine efficiency specifications of the inverters produced by solarway are: rated load efficiency ≥ 90%, low load efficiency ≥ 85%.

The efficiency of the inverter has an important impact on the solar photovoltaic system to increase the effective power generation and reduce the cost of power generation.

The above information comes from Jiaxing Solarway New Energy Co., Ltd., German technology, made in China, and solarway focuses on the development and production of off-grid solar equipment. Please indicate the source, thank you.


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