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Solarway takes you into the world of solar off-grid power generation systems ——Inverter
Oct 09, 2018

The solar off-grid power generation system consists of a solar photovoltaic array, a solar charge controller, a battery and an inverter, and the inverter is a key component in the system. Solar off-grid power generation system also has special requirements for inverters. As a professional off-grid solar equipment manufacturer, Solarway New Energy has the following main inverters:

First, it has a wide DC input voltage adaptation range. Since the terminal voltage of the solar photovoltaic array varies with the load and the intensity of the sunlight, the battery has a clamping effect on the voltage of the solar cell, but the voltage of the battery varies with the remaining capacity of the battery. The internal resistance changes and fluctuates, especially when the battery ages, the terminal voltage varies widely. For example, for a 12V battery, the terminal voltage can vary between 10-16V. The inverter produced by Solarway New Energy can be It operates normally over a wide DC input voltage range and ensures that the AC output voltage is stable within the voltage range required by the load.

Second, in order to maximize the use of solar cells and improve system efficiency, the inverters developed and produced by Solarway New Energy have reduced the intermediate link of power conversion in the design process to reduce losses and improve overall efficiency. The overall efficiency of inverters produced by Solarway New Energy can reach 85%-92%.

Third, with high reliability, the current solar off-grid power generation system is mainly used in remote areas, and many solar off-grid power generation systems are unattended and maintained. The inverter developed by Solarway New Energy has reasonable circuit structure, strict component screening, and has seven protection functions of low voltage, high voltage, over current and short circuit, overload, over temperature, reverse connection and ground fault. See Solarway to take you through the analysis of the three protection functions of the PV off-grid inverter).

Fourth, the output voltage of the inverter can be adjusted according to the standards of each country, and the frequency is adjusted, which is applicable to most common electrical loads in various countries.

Fifth, In the solar off-grid power generation system above 1500W, the output of the inverter should be a sine wave with a small harmonic content. This is because in the solar off-grid power generation system, if square wave power is used, the output will contain more harmonic content, and higher harmonics will generate additional losses, which will reduce the efficiency of the whole system. For Solarway's new energy inverters, the high-quality output waveform has two requirements: A. High steady-state accuracy, including THD<3%. The fundamental component is relative to the reference waveform in phase and amplitude. Static difference; B, good dynamic performance, fast adjustment under external disturbance, small change of output waveform.

Sixth, with good overload capacity, generally can carry 100%-110% of the rated power, when the overload exceeds the rated power 110%-130%, the product will be overload protection. Impacting any load will not cause a burn-in phenomenon. The inverter guarantees a standard rated sinusoidal output under any load conditions (except for overload conditions) and transient conditions.

With the rapid development of the photovoltaic industry, inverters, with the support of modern technology and new devices, will have a wide market and development prospects in terms of reliability and cost performance, as well as energy efficiency.

The above information comes from Jiaxing Solarway New Energy Co., Ltd., German technology, made in China, and Solarway focuses on the development and production of off-grid solar equipment. Please indicate the source, thank you.

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