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Solar charging controller and solar panel how to match the problem explained!
Aug 10, 2018

The development of photovoltaic technology has not only made the price of solar products continue to decline, but also gradually made photovoltaic solar energy enter into rural homes and become a new energy power affordable for the common people. Some people have already bought their own solar panels or the previous solar controller has broken down. Now they buy a new solar charging controller, but they don't know how to match it.

The question of how the solar charging controller and the solar panel fit together, orlins says, looks at three things.

One: the power of solar panels

The solar power of the solar panel is less than 150W. We use the solar controller of 10A for the construction. The maximum charging current of the solar panel of 150W is about 8A. 150W~260W component, 20A controller for construction.

Two: the voltage of the solar panels

The solar panel has two two voltages, one is the working voltage and the other is the short circuit voltage. For example, a 12V solar panel has an operating voltage of 18V and a short-circuit voltage of about 21V. 24V solar panel, working voltage is 36V, short circuit voltage is 42V or so. A 12V solar panel USES a 12V solar charging controller, and a 12V solar panel USES a 12V solar charging controller. There are also some large voltage 48V, 96V solar controllers.

Iii. Usage

Use the occasion is to divide two household and street lamp commonly, household is off net illuminative, emergency system, the choice is solar energy system controller. The function of the controller is to charge and discharge the battery only. Street lamp is to point to solar street lamp, use solar street lamp controller, besides charge-discharge protect function, still have a variety of working mode.

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