Ture Sine Inverter 3000w

Ture Sine Inverter 3000w

Product name: pure sine wave inverter with digital display
Model No.: NPD3000-12V/24V /48V
Working principle:Inverter is the DC power (battery, accumulator jar battery) into alternating current (usually 220v 50Hz 60Hz sine wave or modified sine wave).
In general, an inverter is a device that converts direct current (DC) into alternating current (AC). It consists of inverter bridge, control logic and filter circuit.


Ture sine inverter 3000w information

New power ture sine wave inverter 3000w solar wind power inverter

The NPD series inverter adds a digital display feature based on NP series, which gives you a better show of its running state and parameters

Product Specification of 3000w ture sine inverter


Model No.


Continuous Power


Peak Power


Input Voltage

DC12V / DC24V / DC48V

Output Voltage

AC220-240V / AC100-120V

Output Frequency

50Hz /60Hz

Output Waveform

Pure Sine Wave

USB Output

5V 500mA / For 48V input, no USB

LED digital display

Voltage, Power 

Protection Function

Bat.low alarm, Bat.low shutdown, over voltage, polarity reverse, overload, short circuit, earth fault, over temperature, soft start

Product Size

45*25.2*10.1cm  (L*W*H)

Product N.W.


Optional receptacle


About 3000w pv inverter

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Q1: What' s the difference between low frequency and high frequency inverter?

A: Low frequency inverter has various protections, strong ability to adapt to the environment. more reliable, with voltage regulation.

Q2: What's the difference between pure sine wave inverter and modified sine wave inverter?

A: Pure sine waveform output complies with city power waveform. Even better, low reworking rate, long lifespan. Without harmonic pollution, environment friendly and appliances protected.

Modified sine wave output has a negative impact on appliances and can't load inductive load, such as air conditioner and refrigerator etc.

Q3: What kind of volt and frequency output your inverter can provide?

A: Normally our inverter can provide 110VAC 120VAC 220VAC 230VAC 240VAC 380VAC 50Hz/60Hz output according to customers’ request.

Q4: What appliances your inverters can load?

A:Our inverter can load household appliances and other inductive load such as refrigerator, air condition, water pump etc.

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