Inverter for Home

Inverter for Home

Product name: DC to AC pure sine wave 600w pure sine wave inverter for home
Model No.: TS600-12V/24V
Working principle:Inverter is the DC power (battery, accumulator jar battery) into alternating current (usually 220v 50Hz 60Hz pure sine wave).
In general, an inverter is a device that converts direct current (DC) into alternating current (AC). It consists of inverter bridge, control logic and filter circuit.


pure sine wave 600Watt power inverter information

600W Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter

1. Description:

The pure sine wave power inverter is a compact and highly portable power inverter, the leader in the field of high frequency inverter design. From the 12V/24V DC outlet in your vehicle or boat, or directly from a dedicated 12V/24V DC battery, the inverter will efficiently and reliably power a wide variety of household AC products, such as TVs, computers, VCRs, and many more. 

Product Specification of 600 Watt power inverter




Rated power


Surge power


DC input voltage

12V or 24V

AC output voltage

100-120V / 220-240V

AC output frequency

50/ 60Hz

Out waveform

Pure sine wave

Lower voltage alarm

10.5±0.5V for 12V battery bank( *2 for 24V, *4 for 48V)

Lower voltage cut off

10±0.5V for 12V battery bank( *2 for 24V, *4 for 48V)

Over voltage cut off

15.5V±0.5V for 12V battery bank( *2 for 24V, *4 for 48V)

Over temperature cut off

ambient temperature-10℃+40℃/Internal temperature 55℃-65℃

Polarity reverse protection

by fuse open

Cooling fan

control by load/ temperature

Inverter efficiency

> 90%



Net weight


Gross weight



2 years

600w Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter wave form picture:

600w Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter Socket and plug:

Our product outlet type can choose by yourself .

About 600W pure sine wave inverter

Protection Features :


Applicable Site for 600w pure sine wave inverter

1. Field operation : lighting, drilling, disaster relief, commercial promotions.

2. Hospital emergency rescue: surgical lighting, equipment use, etc.

3. Home Appliance: Electronic energy-saving fluorescent, incandescent, small television sets, refrigerator, etc. Modified Sine Wave Power Inverter

4. Energe: solar system, wind system .

Shipping information

By Sea

Delivery from Shanghai or Ningbo seaport

15-30 days

By Air

Departure from shanghai or ningbo Airport

5 days

By Express

Post by Fedex, DHL, EMS, UPS.

5-7 days


Company show



Our advantage

1.With full material,high quality.

2.Having superb and stable output electricity.

3.Portable,compact and lightweight,convenient to take out anywhere.

4.CE Rohs E8 approval.


1. What is inverter?

Inverter is an electronic equipment that turn 12v/24v/48v dc into 110v/220v ac.

2. How many kinds of output wave form for inverters?

Two kinds. Pure sine wave and modified sine wave. Pure sine wave inverter could provide high quality AC and carry various loads, while it requires high tech and high cost. Modified sine wave inverter load poorly not carrying inductive load, but the price is moderate.

3. How do we equip an appropriate inverter for battery?

Take a battery with 12V/50AH as an example. Power equal current plus voltage then we know the power of battery is 600W. 12V*50A=600W. So we can choose a 600W power inverter according this theoretical value.

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