Top Power Inverters

Top Power Inverters

Product name: DC to AC modified sine wave 1200 inverter
Model No.: NS1200-12V/24V/48V
Working principle:Inverter is the DC power (battery, accumulator jar battery) into alternating current (usually 220v 50Hz 60Hz sine wave or modified sine wave).
In general, an inverter is a device that converts direct current (DC) into alternating current (AC). It consists of inverter bridge, control logic and filter circuit.


Top solar inverter 1200watt information

This 1200W solar inverter was latest German technology developed. It was made of a heat-dissipating aluminum alloy.Take the power inverter to portable and get power to run lamps, radios or Tvs.

Product Specification of 1200 watt top power inverter




Rated power


Surge power


DC input voltage

12V or 24V or 48V

AC output voltage

100-120V / 220-240V

AC output frequency

50/ 60Hz

Out waveform

Modified sine wave

Lower voltage alarm

10.5±0.5V for 12V battery bank( *2 for 24V, *4 for 48V)

Lower voltage cut off

10±0.5V for 12V battery bank( *2 for 24V, *4 for 48V)

Over voltage cut off

15.5V±0.5V for 12V battery bank( *2 for 24V, *4 for 48V)

Over temperature cut off

ambient temperature-10℃+40℃/Internal temperature 55℃-65℃

LED digital display (optional)

Voltage , Power

Remote controller (optional)  controller(optionalcontroller(optional)


remote controller with 5m cable

Polarity reverse protection

by fuse open

Cooling fan

control by load/ temperature

Inverter efficiency

> 90%



Net weight


Gross weight



1.5 years

1200W modified sine wave inverter features

• For use in,trucks,trailers and mobile homes.

• In an emergency such as blackout, attach the power inverter to your car battery or portable battery and get power to run your appliances.

• Ultra-Compact Metal Housing: Small and rugged: stored easily in any tool box, briefcase or glove compartment.

• Integrated Fuse Protection: Protects your battery and power inverter from damage due to outlet overload.

• The inverter can automatically detect low battery voltage and shut down to preserve the battery

• Overload protection: shutdown and alarm (integrated fuse protection, protects the battery, and power inverter from damage due to outlet overload)

• Outout short: Output short circuit protection.

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Q1: If your product is safe enough to use?

A: Yes,Our inverter has CE,RoHS, ISO,E8 certificate ,all of our products have kinds of protection function.

Q2: What kind of appliances does your inverter can be used for?

A:Our car modified sine wave inverter can also use for both resistive load and inductive load.

Q3:What is a resistive load appliances?

A:Generally speaking, appliances like mobile phones, computers, LCD TVs, incandescents, electric fans, video broadcast, small printers, electric mahjong machines, rice cookers etc. All belong to resistive loads. Our modified sine wave inverters can drive them successfully.

Q4: What is the inductive load appliances?

A:It refers to the application of electromagnetic induction’s principle, produced by high-power electrical products, such as motor type, compressors, relays, fluorescent lamps, electric stove, refrigerator, air conditioner, energy saving lamps, pumps, etc. These products’power are far more than the rated power (about 3-7 times) when start. So only pure sine wave inverter is available to them.

Q5:What should be noticed when installing inverter?

A:Put the product in a place where is well ventilate,cool, dry and water-proof. Please do not stress and do not put foreign objects into the inverter. Rember to turn on the inverter before turn on the appliance.

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