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Classification of inverter power
Jul 03, 2018

The inverter power supply is divided into source inverter and passive inverter. For example, DC voltage, through a simple single-phase H type thyristor bridge, H is the output of the transverse, the H vertical line of four thyristors, number 12, lower 34, then open 14 and 23 respectively to get positive and negative output voltage and current separated.

Application of pulse width modulation in inverter power supply

The basic square wave inverter circuit is simple, but the harmonic content of the output voltage waveform is too large, and the THD (current harmonic distortion rate) is too large; the harmonic content of the output voltage waveform of the phase-shifting multi overlap plus inverter power supply is small, that is, the THD is small, but the circuit is more complex. The PWM PWM inverter has been widely used in both the computer circuit and the output voltage waveform.

The so-called PWM pulse width modulation (Pulse Width Modulation, PWM) is a modulated wave (Modulating Wave) using a reference wave (usually a sine wave, sometimes a sine wave or a square wave injected with a trapezoid wave or injected zero order harmonic), and a triangular wave (sometimes also used as a sawtooth wave) as a carrier (Carrier Wave) at the frequency of the modulation wave (sometimes also used as a Carrier Wave). When the waveform is compared, a set of amplitude values are equal in the part of the modulation wave larger than the carrier, and the rectangle pulse sequence of the modulated wave is equivalent to the modulation wave, and the analog quantity is replaced by the switch quantity, and the DC power is converted to the power by the control of the switching / break control of the inverter power supply. Contravariant technology. Because the upper and lower degrees of the carrier triangle wave (or saw tooth wave) are linear, this technology is called pulse width control inverter technology. Because the upper and lower width of the carrier triangle wave (or sawtooth wave) is linear, the modulation method is also linear. When the modulated wave is a sine wave, the pulse width of the output rectangular pulse sequence changes according to the sine law. This modulation technique is usually called the Sinusoida PWM technology.

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