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Three Kinds Of Charging Protection Mode Of Solar Charge Controller
Oct 21, 2018

the solar charge controller

Solar panels are now national priority to the development of energy products;The solution to the life without electricity power is a good way.Solar charge controller is to prevent the battery overcharge and over discharge, can prolong the service life of the battery of the device.Below by olins I shenzhen science and technology department experts under the analysis of simple for you.

Solar charge controller

Solar charge controller must have the following four kind of charging and discharging protection mode:
A, float charge mode:
After filling in battery, battery was also stand for a period of time, make its voltage across the natural, when down to "maintain voltage, floating in and now adopts PWM (pulse width modulation) both ways, similar to" trickle charging, the battery voltage will charge it with some less, to the a shares, in order to avoid the battery temperature rising, it is good for battery.
Second, the discharge protection mode:
When the battery discharge cannot be lower than this value, it is important to note that in order to be on the safe side, generally put protection point the 12 v battery voltage artificial add 0.3 v as the zero drift correction of temperature compensation and control circuit, so the 12 v battery discharge protection point voltage is: 11.10 v, 24 v systems put protection point voltage of 22.20 v.At present many manufacturer of charging and discharging controller USES 22.2 v (24 v system) standard.
Three, direct charge mode:
Direct charger also called quick charger, belongs to the fast charging, is in the low storage battery voltage large current and relatively high voltage of battery charging.

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