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The Use Of Sine Wave Inverter
Oct 09, 2017

1 Power Selection

Must be powered by a battery or a car cigarette. According to the different products can choose 12V, 24V, 48V.

UPS Supply (uninterrupted power supply uninterruptible power supply) is to provide a critical load of power supplies that are not affected by the power grid interference, voltage regulator, frequency stability, after the electricity, UPS can give the load to continue to provide a period of power supply, to ensure the normal operation of the load, This series of UPS with output isolation transformer high-frequency Dual-transformation structure and advanced digital control technology, output stable, clean, uninterrupted with complete network management function, general UPS power supply has 1000w-20000w specifications.

2 Connect inverter to power supply

Switch off the inverter and all devices to the "off" state

A: Battery power: The cathode of the battery is connected to the black Terminal (-) of the inverter, and the cathode of the battery is connected to the red Terminal (+) of the inverter.

B: The car cigarette Smoke device power: The special line of the cigarette light to the inverter red Terminal, black wire to the inverter dark Terminal connection, the point smoke plug into the car cigarette smoke device can be.

3) Connect inverter to electrical appliance

Ensure that the load supply is the nominal power of the inverter and that the starting current cannot exceed the peak capacity of the inverter. After the inverter and electric appliance are connected, the inverter and the appliance are opened.

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