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The Principle Of Power Inverter
Oct 09, 2017

The inverter, which must be a device of the inverter, can be called, he and Transformers have a direct difference, that is, he can achieve DC input, and then output AC, working principle and switching power supply, but the oscillation frequency in a certain range, such as if this frequency is 50HZ, the output is AC 50HZ. A inverter is a device that can change its frequency.

How to choose the correct UPS power inverter mainly pay attention to the following key points.

1. Rated output voltage: Within the range of allowable fluctuations in the specified input DC voltage, it represents

The inverter should be able to output the rated voltage value. The stability accuracy of the output rated voltage is generally stipulated as follows: in steady state operation, the voltage fluctuation range should be limited, for example, its deviation does not exceed the nominal value of ±3% or ± 5%. The output voltage deviation should not exceed the ±8% or ± 10% of the rated value under the dynamic condition of the load mutation or other interfering factors.

2, the output voltage imbalance: Under normal operating conditions, the inverter output three-phase voltage imbalance (reverse component to the positive sequence component ratio) should not exceed a specified value, generally in%, such as 5% or 8%.

3. Waveform distortion of output voltage: When the inverter output voltage is sine, the maximum waveform distortion (or harmonic content) should be specified. Generally, the total waveform distortion of the output voltage is express

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