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The Classification Of The UPS
Feb 19, 2018

UPS is divided into three categories: backup, online and online.

Backup type UPS is our most commonly used, it has the power automatic voltage regulator, UPS for the protection of the most basic and most important function, although generally have about 10 ms conversion time, alternating current (ac) is a square wave inverter output rather than the sine wave, but because the structure is simple and has low price, high reliability advantages, therefore widely used in areas such as computer, peripherals, POS machine;

On-line UPS is complicated in structure, the performance is perfect, can solve the problem of all power, its remarkable characteristic is to be able to continue to zero interrupt pure sine wave output alternating current (ac), to solve the peak, surge, etc. All of the power supply frequency drift problem; Due to the need for greater investment, it is usually applied to the critical equipment and network center for the demanding environment of electric power;

Compared with modular UPS backup type, online interactive with functions of filtering, mains interference ability is very strong, the conversion time is less than 4 ms, inverter output sine wave for simulation, so can be equipped with servers, routers and other network equipment, or use in electric power environment is bad; In particular, UPS, which is a four-way MD series, is much cheaper than online, and is a better choice that should be recommended to users.

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