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The Classification Of DC Converter
Dec 22, 2017

Classified editor

DC converter can be divided into basic without isolation transformer DC converter with isolation transformer and straight change two categories according to the basic circuit topology of the DC-DC converter through the control switch, the capacitance and inductance of the storage filter element will input the DC voltage transformation to meet the DC voltage or current required by the load. This converter is suitable for the application of [1], which has little difference in input and output voltage level and does not require electrical isolation.

The basic straight switch has various circuit wiring forms. According to its circuit structure and function classification, it can be divided into 4 basic types:

Depressurization (BUCK) converter;

The boost (BOOST) converter;

BUCK-BOOST converter;

CUK converter.

The parallel DC converter adopts advanced high frequency pulse width modulation edge resonance technology, which greatly improves the efficiency. The machine has the characteristics of high voltage stability, fast dynamic response, low noise output, strong anti-interference ability and wide working temperature range.

The liquid crystal display panel Chinese the power module working state, also can display the voltage and current data protection module; complete; module built-in and floating charging switch circuit, and a choice of manual or automatic control. The monitoring interface can monitor the working status of the switch control module, all floating control, and is equipped with automatic current sharing bus interface, charging bus interface. The intelligent model is equipped with RS485 interface, which can be connected with other intelligent devices such as supporting monitoring module, PC machine, PLD and so on. It completes remote monitoring and realizes four remote functions of power supply system.

The non parallel DC converter is made up of imported DC-DC module. It has the advantages of high precision, low output noise and strong anti-interference capability, and it is small and light.

The general DC converters are unidirectional, and there will also be two-way DC converters to work on some occasions.

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