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The Charging Control And The Discharge Control Of The Solar Charge Controller
Oct 21, 2018

Solar controller is also called the solar charge controller, solar charge controller is the name of a more professional, the most prominent function of solar charge controller is to charge and discharge control.You are below explain solar charge controller is how to implement the charge and discharge control.
The charging control
1. The solar controller can say is a high technology to charge, charging process can ensure the battery is full, and ensure the service life of the battery.The general is adopting three-stage charging charging technology.
2. Can be real-time monitoring of battery voltage, the overpressure in the storage battery voltage, stop charging, prevent damage of the battery.When the battery voltage is too low, stopped discharge in a timely manner.To prevent the battery discharge, prolonging the life of the battery.
3. Can be light or LCD display, to real-time monitoring of battery and solar panels of charging parameters.Ensuring successful running of pv systems.
the solar charge controller

the discharge control

1. The solar street lamps controller has a working time for the street light and brightness to adjust the function, can be automatically run unattended.
2. Solar control is used in the system load control method in general there are two ways: often output mode and manual mode.Often output mode is load has been output, do not need to control.Manual mode: the keys can control the output of the load and shutdown.
3. The overpressure in the storage battery voltage, or discharge, stop the output load.Effectively protect the storage battery.Because the battery is too low, can damage the battery, leading to lower capacity.
Charge and discharge control is the most basic function of solar charge controller, also is the most important function of solar charge controller, solar controller is one of the most important part of photovoltaic syst

Now with the development of technology, solar energy controller is becoming more and more powerful, now the introduction of bluetooth, APP, remote control, iot technologies such as solar charge controller is already appear in the market.

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