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What Is The Reverse
Dec 22, 2017

AC/DC transform is to transform AC to DC, and its power flow direction can be bidirectional. The power flow from power to load is called rectification, and the power flow from load to power is called "active inverter". The AC/DC converter input for 50/60Hz alternating current, because must after rectifying and filtering, so the volume is relatively larger filter capacitor is essential, at the same time due to meet safety standards (such as UL, CCEE etc.) and EMC restrictions (such as IEC, FCC, and CSA), the AC input side must add EMC filter and the use of safety standards in line with the element, so small, limiting AC/DC supply volume in addition, due to internal high frequency and high voltage, high current switch, which solves the EMC problem of electromagnetic compatibility difficulty, also the internal high density mounting circuit design requires a high, for the same reason, high voltage high current switching power supply, the increasing loss, limiting the AC/DC converter module process, so it is necessary to use the power system optimization design method can make the work efficiency to a The degree of satisfaction.

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