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The Power Specifications Of The Car Inverter.
Mar 04, 2018

Power specifications

The car inverter can be 20W, 40W, 80W, 120W and up to 150W power specifications. A few more power inverters must be connected to the battery. Connecting a home appliance to the output of a power converter can be used in the car as easily as at home. Can use electrical appliances include: mobile phones, notebook computers, digital cameras, camera, lighting, electric shavers, CD players, game consoles, handheld computers, power tools, car refrigerator, and various kinds of travel, camping, emergency medical treatment >

Car inverter of choose and buy must pay attention to the car is pure sine wave inverter and modified wave vehicle-mounted inverter, mainly according to the output current waveform to the two points, the price is also different, pure sine wave belongs to high-end car inverter, modified wave belongs to low-end car inverter, car inverter, pure sine wave application is more extensive. Like most electronic products, car inverters also have conversion efficiency problems. Between 70 and 80 per cent of the market is common, with some 90 per cent.

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