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Working Principle Of Sine Wave Inverter
Dec 29, 2017

Two a DC voltage to the IC power supply generates a KHZ control signal of a road to the top level before the power tube by the control signal drive power tube continuous switch makes the high frequency transformer primary produce high-frequency alternating current low voltage alternating current (at the same time, although the voltage is low, but the frequency is very high, the purpose is to make the secondary side of the transformer to produce a high voltage, the voltage level of the frequency before and after class is proportional to the output, also in the frequency range of the power tube can withstand) by high frequency transformer output high-frequency alternating current through the fast recovery diode bridge rectifier output a high frequency of hundreds of V DC to post power tube and then by after the IC generates a control signal to control the level of about 50HZ after the power tube work and output 220V50HZ alternating current

Of course, a complete inverter also need some protection effect such as overload protection circuit temperature protection high input voltage protection circuit of high frequency circuit and filter in the filter is also very important for the high frequency interference and easy to produce some parasitic coupling so filter circuit to filter out these factors need to increase the stability of the circuit

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