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Performance Characteristics Of High Frequency Inverter
Dec 21, 2017

Performance feature editing

Continuous 300W power output, input and output is completely isolated, power: transformer isolation, signal: optocoupler isolation, independent auxiliary power, high efficiency, maximum 93%, constant (limit) power output, truly short circuit protection.

Precision SMT patch technology, accurate PWM voltage stable power, output voltage + 3%, various protection functions

Problem supplement: 1: Japanese MITSUBISHI core assembly;

2: sine wave discharge technology, "green" no pollution;

3: the different power modules can be parallel, and the capacity expansion is convenient.

4: a variety of discharge modes, convenient and convenient;

5:RS232/RS485 communication interface;

6: vector control technology;

7: under the condition that the hardware is constant, the user can customize the fast charging function.

8: the fifth generation of Japanese MITSUBISHI IPM power devices;

9: pulse width modulation, vector control, maximum power point tracking technology;

10: grid operation suitable for photovoltaic power plants or variable speed wind turbine generator, can also be through multiple parallel operation, a single power grid power in more than 3000KW.

Our company start from Germany on 2007, our main shareholder deal with global solar business over 15 years already. We open our own factory in china on 2015. 
We have our branch in Asia and Germany, it includes two production basis and two research center. We have our own technical supporting center in Germany, we can offer best and convenient service to all European customers.

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