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On Inverter Power Supply
Jul 03, 2018

Inverter power supply includes:

Special power inverter, communication inverter, power frequency inverter, industrial sine wave inverter and square wave inverter.

The function and characteristics of medical inverter

Most domestic medical devices are powered by 220V power supply. Because of the power supply demand of different types of medical equipment, the central power supply structure is the most widely used. That is, the output voltage of the required voltage levels is generated by a centralized power converter. It is very suitable for medical equipment because of its low cost, high efficiency, adjustable output voltage, low output noise, fast dynamic response and so on. It is the most used mode of power supply for medical equipment at present. The following questions should be considered in determining the power supply scheme for medical devices.

Safety and isolation are a major difference between ordinary commercial power and medical power. Usually, in addition to some experimental analysis instruments, medical equipment is mostly installed near the bed or operating table, and the distance from the operator is close to the operator, and the shell is often touched. There are all kinds of strong and weak components inside the medical equipment. If there is any isolation between the strong and the weak, or the insulation of the outer covering material is very dangerous, it will be very dangerous. For safety testing, the power supply of general medical devices must be UL60601-1, C-UL, EN60601-1 and other safety certification. The input and output terminals must have an isolation voltage of more than 4000V, and require low floor drain current, which is in line with the safety creepage distance requirement. For the strong part, double insulation is needed, especially the part that is likely to contact with the equipment shell.

Electromagnetic compatibility and ability to resist electromagnetic interference

To choose or build a good power supply system for medical equipment, we must pay attention to improving the electromagnetic compatibility and anti electromagnetic interference ability of the power supply. Mainly from the following aspects: design. The design and layout of PCB will include some high frequency signals in the general power supply. Any printed line on PCB can play the role of the antenna. The length and width of the printed line will affect its impedance and inductance, thus affecting the frequency response, and the printed line through the DC signal will also be coupled to the radio frequency from the adjacent printed line. Signal and cause the problem of the circuit. Therefore, the medical power supply must choose a big brand, with a strong research and development strength of the company's products, these products in the design and production process can ensure good quality.

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