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Advantages Of Solar Charging Controller
Jul 03, 2018

The solar charging controller adopts high-speed CPU microprocessor and high precision A/D analog to digital converter. It is a microcomputer data acquisition and monitoring control system. The current working state of the photovoltaic system can be collected quickly, the work information of the PV station can be obtained at any time, and the historical data of the PV station can be accumulated in detail, which provides an accurate and sufficient basis for evaluating the rationality of the design of the PV system and the reliability of the inspection system components. In addition, the solar controller also has the function of serial communication and data transmission, and it can centrally manage and control long-distance PV systems. 2, solar panels belong to photovoltaic devices (mainly semiconductor materials), which produce photoelectric effect after light irradiation. Due to the properties and limitations of materials and light, the generated current is also a wave curve. If the generated current is directly charged into the battery or directly supplied to the load, the battery and load will be damaged, and their life is reduced seriously. Therefore, we must first send the current into the solar controller, use a series of special chip circuits to digitize it and add multistage charge and discharge protection. At the same time, we use the unique control technology "adaptive three stage charging mode" to ensure the operation safety and service life of the battery and load. 3. When the load is supplied, the current of the battery is first fed into the solar controller, and after it is adjusted, the current is sent to the load. The purpose of this is to stabilize the discharge current; two to ensure that the battery is not over discharge; three is a series of monitoring and protection for the load and the battery.

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