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A Brief History Of China PV Power Development
Oct 09, 2017

China as a new world economic engine, photovoltaic industry has shown unprecedented vitality. A large number of photovoltaic enterprises came into being, now photovoltaic production has reached the world's leading level. Here we go. Review the history of solar energy development in China:

1958, China developed the first monocrystalline silicon

From 1968 to the end of 1969, Semiconductors undertook the task of developing and producing silicon solar panels for the "practice of No. 1th satellite". In the study, the researchers found that p+/n silicon monolithic solar cells in space will encounter electronic radiation, resulting in battery attenuation, so that the battery will not be able to run in space for a long time.

1969, Semiconductor stopped the silicon solar cell research and development, then, Tianjin 18 for the Dongfanghong second, third, fourth series Earth synchronous orbit satellite development and production of solar cell array.

1975, Ningbo, Kaifeng has set up a solar cell factory, battery manufacturing technology to imitate the early production of space battery technology, solar cell applications began to descend from space to the ground.

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