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Will a modified sine wave inverter damage my electronics?
Dec 21, 2017

Will a modified sine wave inverter damage my electronics?



Question:I found a great deal on an inverter, but then I found out that it might have actually been too good to be true. Turns out this is something called a “modified sine wave inverter,” which one of my friends told me will damage my electronics. Is that true? I’ve already wired it up in my camper, and I was hoping to use it on a fishing trip I have coming up, but I don’t want to damage my TV, radio, laptop, or anything else.


Your friend isn’t technically wrong, but he may be a little misguided. While it is technically true that a modified sine wave inverter can potentially damage certain types of electronic devices, that’s really more of the exception than the rule. There are two main types of electronics that you need to be concerned about when using a modified sine wave inverter: appliances that use AC motors and certain classes of delicate medical equipment.

If your electronics don’t fall into either of those categories, then it's extremely unlikely that a modified sine wave inverter will do any damage. So while a pure sine wave inverter is safe for use with a wider range of devices, the greater cost associated with pure sine wave inverters isn't always worth it.


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