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What is the role of MPPT?
Mar 02, 2018

Due to the received light intensity of solar battery and environmental impact of external factors, such as the output of changes, the light intensity of electricity is much, the most power tracing of the inverter with MPPT is in order to make full use of solar cells, and make it run at maximum power point.In other words, when the solar radiation is constant, the output power of MPPT will be higher than that before the MPPT, which is the role of MPPT.

For example, suppose that MPPT hasn't started tracking, when the component output voltage is 500 v, then the MPPT began tracking, started by the internal circuit structure adjust of resistance on the back, to change the component output voltage, change the output current at the same time, all the way to the output power (assuming is 550 v), the largest since then have been tracking, so that is under the condition of invariable in solar radiation, components in the output voltage is 550 v, output power will be higher than 500 v, this is the function of MPPT.


Generally speaking, the influence of irradiance and temperature changes on the output power is directly reflected in MPPT, which means that irradiance and temperature are the important factors affecting MPPT.

The output power of pv modules will be reduced.As the temperature rises, the output power of pv modules will be reduced.


The influence of irradiance on MPPT:


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