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Two categories of grid connected inverters: series inverters and multi group converse
Jan 11, 2018

The series inverter is the most widely used inverter in China and in the world. Because the grid connected inverter is based on the concept of modularization of the photovoltaic industry, each group of string units will be equipped with a corresponding inverter. Therefore, even large photovoltaic power plants can achieve efficient power supply without the influence of the outside world under the AC power supply voltage. If DC power is used, it can also effectively increase power generation by utilizing the matching characteristics of PV module's best point and inverter so as to effectively reduce the cost and safety of the power generation control system, which is a very reliable microcomputer control system.

Since the grid inverters are sometimes unable to operate individually, we need a number of series of inverters at this time. And the string inverter is different, the PV inverter combination is the formation of a photoelectric combination through several inverter, so as to carry out even a few of the inverter operating at the same time, the reliability of power generation control system improved to a new level. So in many large enterprises or developed countries, this form of inverter is more suitable for high-intensity labor and operation, and therefore occupies a leading position in the photovoltaic industry.

Multi group of series inverters can avoid the shortcomings of common grid connected inverters, so it can be widely used in some power generation stations with large power generation. Common is a photovoltaic power station above the kilowatt. Because of the characteristics of multi group inverter, it can convert several common DC power to AC power at the same time, so it is widely favored by large power plants and manufacturers.

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