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The role of Solar Controller
Oct 09, 2017

The most basic function of solar charge controller is to control the battery voltage and open the circuit, and also, when the battery voltage rises to a certain degree, stop the battery charging. The old version of the controller mechanically to complete the control circuit to open or close, stop or start the power supply to the battery power.

The controller is used in most photovoltaic systems to protect the battery from overcharge or release. Overcharge may cause the electrolyte in the battery to vaporize, causing the failure, and the battery will cause premature failure of the battery. Overcharge can damage the load. So the controller is one of the core components of PV system and the main part of the BOS (Balance of System).

In short, the role of solar controllers can be divided into:

1. Power regulation function;

2, Communication function: 1 simple Indication function 2 Protocol communication function such as RS485 Ethernet, wireless and other forms of background management;

3, perfect protection function: Electrical protection Reverse Connection, short-circuit, over-current and so on.

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