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The principle of solar energy controller
Oct 09, 2017

Solar panels belong to photovoltaic equipment (mainly semiconductor materials), it after light irradiation occurs photoelectric effect generated current. Due to the properties and limitations of materials and light, the generated current is also a fluctuating curve, if the generated current is directly filled into the battery or directly to the load power supply, it is easy to cause the battery and load damage, seriously reducing their life. Therefore, we must put the current into the solar controller, using a series of special chip circuit to the digital regulation, and add multi-level charge and discharge protection, while using our unique control technology "adaptive three-stage charging mode (Figure 1)" to ensure the battery and load the operation of safety and service life. When the load is powered, it is also the current that allows the battery to flow into the solar controller, after its adjustment, and then sends the current into the load. The purpose of this is to stabilize the discharge current, the second is to ensure that the battery is not discharged, and the third is to carry out a series of monitoring and protection to the load and battery.

To use an AC power device, you also need to add the inverter to the AC before the load.

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