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The five questions of dc parameters of pv inverter.
May 06, 2018

1. Is the maximum input dc power larger and better?

Maximum dc power: recommend clients access panels of peak power, such as 50 k, maximum dc power 60500 w, means that the recommended access panels of up to 60500 wp, this value is according to 1.1 times the maximum power output of inverter.

According to the current operating efficiency of photovoltaic power station is around 80%, the situation of light resources varies from place to place. In class ii and class iii according to 1.1 times the maximum output power to recommend clients access panels, inverter peak power operation can be realized, avoid inverter light load operation for a long time, but also avoid the inverter power curve cutting on the top of the situation.

As long as the pv inverter reaches the full load output, it will automatically limit the dc input power, and too many panels will only cause waste of resources and increase the cost. So the maximum dc input power is not bigger and better.

2. What is the maximum dc voltage set according to?

The maximum dc voltage is the maximum open circuit voltage of the panel group, and the sum of the open circuit voltage of all the panels in a single cluster.

Such as 50 k inverter, considering the weather is cold, components negative temperature characteristic of the open circuit voltage with the temperature is reduced, the open circuit voltage (up), the open circuit voltage of a single set of string cannot exceed the maximum dc input voltage of 1000 v inverter.

3. What is the difference between minimum input voltage and starting voltage?

Minimum input voltage: the inverter screen lights up, and the voltage that controls the part of the control circuit starts working, such as 50K when the dc voltage reaches 250V, the screen lights up.

Starting voltage: when the dc voltage of the inverter reaches the starting value, the inverter starts the grid-connected power generation, such as 50K when the dc voltage reaches 300V, and the connection is connected.

4. What does the voltage range of MPPT mean?

Is it possible to just configure the cluster voltage in this range?

When the MPPT voltage of the cluster is reached, the voltage range of the inverter MPPT (for example, 50K MPPT voltage range is 280v-900v). The inverter can be traced to the maximum power point of the cluster.

However, it is suggested that the MPPT voltage is slightly higher than the rated voltage (600V) in the configuration of the cluster. Because in the actual work, when the group work voltage is lower than the rated voltage, the booster circuit will start to work, which will produce a certain loss and reduce the efficiency. So for the 275wp-300wp crystal silicon panel, it is recommended to have 22 pieces of a string suitable.

5. What is the maximum input current set according to? What are the requirements for dc wiring?

Maximum dc input current = the maximum input current X group number of a single cluster.

A pair of dc terminals cannot withstand the current after the confluence. Therefore, in the actual construction, you must not connect the dc confluence to a pair of dc terminals in order to save cost. Otherwise, it will not only affect the power generation of the machine, but also generate certain electrical safety hazards.

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