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Ministry of industry and information: the guarantee period of the inverter is not less than 5 years.
May 06, 2018

In the ministry of industry and information technology website, to strengthen the administration of the photovoltaic industry guide the industry structural adjustment, to speed up the transformation and upgrading, and promote the sustained and healthy development of photovoltaic industry in our country, the ministry of industry and information technology released "standard of photovoltaic manufacturing conditions (2015)" (hereinafter referred to as the "standard conditions"), from the production layout and project establishment, the scale of production and process technology, comprehensive utilization of resources and energy consumption, environmental protection, quality management, safety and health, and social responsibility, supervision and management and so generous in the face of the photovoltaic industry clear request "tougher".

In terms of production layout and project establishment, the standard conditions pointed out that the new pv manufacturing project with pure expansion capacity was strictly controlled. To strengthen technological innovation and reduce production costs, it is necessary to build new and reconstruction projects, and report to the competent department of industry and investment department for the record. New and expanded photovoltaic manufacturing projects with a minimum capital ratio of 20%.

"Standard conditions" requirement, photovoltaic manufacturing enterprises should have independent research and development institutions, technology center, or at or above the provincial level high-tech enterprise qualification, a year on research and development and technology improvement fee not less than 3% of total sales and not less than 10 million yuan.

In the comprehensive utilization of resources and energy efficiency, the standard conditions for pv manufacturing enterprise and project land should accord with a country has a standard of land use, strictly protect arable land, the economical and intensive land use, reduce the waste of water resources. The water cycle utilization rate of polysilicon project is not less than 95%; The water consumption of the silicon wafer project is less than 1400 tons/million pieces; The water consumption of the battery project is less than 1700 tons/mw.

At the same time, the standard conditions also requires that new and expanded pv manufacturing projects should strictly implement the environmental impact assessment system, and projects that have not been approved by environmental impact assessment shall not start construction. The discharge of waste gas and waste water shall comply with the national and local standards for the discharge of atmospheric and water pollutants and the total control requirements; Enterprises are encouraged to certify by ISO14001 environmental management system certification, ISO14064 greenhouse gas certification, PAS2050/ISO/TS14067 carbon footprint certification.

In the aspect of quality management, batteries and battery components manufacturing enterprises should be equipped with AAA sun simulator, high and low temperature testing equipment, environmental test chamber, the encourage enterprises qualified construction with CNAS recognition laboratory; The quality of pv products shall comply with the relevant national standards, and the certification bodies shall be approved by the state. The service life of the component is not less than 25 years, the warranty period is not less than 10 years, and the guarantee period of the inverter is not less than 5 years.

In addition, the standard conditions in terms of safety, health and social responsibility also has made the detailed provisions, enterprises should establish and improve the safe production responsibility system, strengthen worker hidden perils in safety production education training and management work, to carry out safety production standardization construction and achieve level 3 above.

The standard condition also shows that the listed companies will be disqualified from the following situations: the information is falsified; Refusing to accept supervision and inspection; Failure to maintain standard conditions; Major safety and pollution responsibility accidents; Violation of laws, regulations and national industrial policy provisions.

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