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What are the installation forms of the pv array on the building?
May 06, 2018

The combination of pv array and buildings can be divided into two ways: roof installation and side elevation installation. It can be said that these two installation methods are suitable for most buildings.

The roof is installed in the form of horizontal roof, sloping roof and photovoltaic roof. Among them:

1) horizontal roof: on the horizontal roof, the photovoltaic array can be installed at the best Angle to obtain the maximum output; Moreover, conventional crystalline silicon pv modules can be used to reduce the cost of component investment, and the economy is relatively good. But this installation is aesthetically pleasing.

2) sloping roof: in the northern hemisphere, a roof with a tilt to the south, southeast, southwest, east or west can be used to install pv arrays. On the sloping roof of the south, it can be installed at the best Angle or near the best Angle, thus obtaining a large amount of power generation. The conventional crystalline silicon photovoltaic module can be used, which has good performance and low cost, so it has good economy. And with the building function does not have conflict, can be closely combined with the roof, beautiful sex is better. Other power generation performance on the roof is second.

3) photovoltaic roof: refers to the building components with transparent photovoltaic cells as the roof of the daylighting, which is very beautiful and meets the need of light transmission. But the photovoltaic roof needs transparent components, and the components are less efficient. In addition to power generation and transparency, the lighting roof components should meet certain requirements of mechanics, aesthetics, structure connection, etc., and the component costs are high. High power generation costs; To enhance the social value of the building, bring the effect of green concept.

The installation of facades of the facade mainly refers to the way of installing pv modules on the south wall of the building (for the northern hemisphere) and the west wall. For many tall buildings, the wall is the outer surface with the largest contact area of the sun, and the pv curtain wall is a common application form. According to the design needs, can be used with transparent, translucent and ordinary transparent glass, create different building elevation and indoor lighting effect. The double-layer photovoltaic curtain wall, the point supported photovoltaic curtain wall and the unit pv curtain wall are the common forms in the installation of pv curtain wall. At present, the component cost for the curtain wall installation is relatively high, the project progress of pv system is restricted by the overall construction schedule, and the output power is low because the pv array deviates from the optimal installation Angle. In addition to the photovoltaic glass curtain wall, pv external wall, photovoltaic shading, etc. can also be installed in the building facade.

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