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Introduction to the application of power inverter
Mar 11, 2018

1. Application of aerospace, space exploration and high-tech.

Because of its reliability and unique advantages, power inverters  have a great advantage in space technology. In 1958, the first power inverter was put on a satellite. So far, the space and satellite have not left the solar cell; In the future space development, first of all, the solar cell will play an important role. On other planets, the current Mars rover spirit, opportunity, solar cells are the main source of power for them. On January 3, 2004, "courage" kicked off Mars; On January 24, 2004, opportunity landed on Mars. On December 22, 2004 (Reuters) - Mars probe "courage" and "opportunity" on the surface of Mars while work is nearly a year, but the condition is very good, their energy is derived from the basic solar cells. By now, the power output of the "opportunity" detector is 900W/h daily; The power output of the "courage" detector is 400W/h daily. It is said that the "courage" is the cause of small batteries surface dust, solar panels and opportunity detector area of dust somehow always can be cleared and the output power is larger than the "courage".

Military solar power supply, in special environmental conditions, border post, high mountain desert island and other power sources.

Humans have begun to consider building solar power stations on the moon.

Application of industrial and agricultural production.

As a new kind of energy, it has been widely used in industrial and agricultural production. In the unconnected mountain sea, various lighthouse beacons, various satellite communication receiving stations; All kinds of remote control telemetry, meteorological observation station, highway and railway automatic signal lamp, etc.

The off-grid photovoltaic power supply system in many remote and non-electric areas.

Photovoltaic cells are widely used in automatic control. Inspection and measurement of factory products; Make all kinds of sensors; The photocell is used to detect the color of light by different wavelength (color) response sensitivity.

Solar power supply for transportation, communication, forestry, agriculture, television, meteorology, geology, etc.

Solar photovoltaic water pump.

Solar traffic light mobile "traffic police", solar battery power supply, with battery and traffic stop flashing lights, which can realize both making all-weather, portable "traffic control" of the road. October 31, 2004, shanxi taiyuan "mobile electronic traffic police" on duty. It's two meters high and four wheels on the bottom.

Small products of civilian life.

Current solar cell photoelectric small product category, the name is various. In many ways the power of consumer goods.

(1) small photovoltaic system classes:

Photovoltaic charger; The case can be used to charge a cadmium nickel battery, or a small 3V power supply.

Solar calculator; Make the power source of pocket calculator, have light already can work.

Solar cap; Use sunshine to adjust small fan automatically, it is the absolute best that summer takes cool.

Sun expert lantern; Use solar cells to charge and store energy in batteries, especially suitable for use in areas without electricity and mobile.

Solar pavilion lamp; Unique characteristics, day and night, automatic stop.

(2) a large number of various electrical equipment and standby power supply.

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