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Replaced by solar cells, the pacemaker does not require surgery to replace the battery.
Mar 11, 2018

What happens when your phone or tablet loses power? Big deal in action power or charger to charge it, but if such as the rhythm of the regulator, embedded in the body of the electronic medical device is power off, steps are more complex, have to undergo surgery, remove pacemakers, replace the battery, then put back to the body, the regulator, however, new research has made pacing system of battery replacement, don't have to so much trouble.

Scientists have developed a new technology that can be used to power the body's medical devices by putting solar cells into human skin. Hospital (University of Bern in Switzerland Bern University Hospital) and Bonn University (University of Bern) research team of research and development of the wearable measuring device, in the arm of the solar energy device of solar cells with size of 3.6 square centimeter, the area is small enough to implant in the body, and also for what power output of solar cells to produce energy test, and on the solar battery, put on the characteristics of the filter to simulate the skin of the light source and its influence.

The team recruited 32 volunteers, each wearing the device for a week in four seasons. The experimental results show that whether a year which season, even if the experimenter returned to the electricity generated by solar cells is the lowest, on average, also can produce 12 amounts (microwatts) of electricity, pacing system for 5 to 10 amounts than normal also.

Researchers Lukas Bereuter think, overall, at present the experimental results show that using the model of electricity, enough to supply rhythm continuity or extend the service life of other implanted medical devices, "through the energy collection of solar cell device powered implantable medical devices, the future will be able to avoid the problem must repeatedly do change device, even make this kind of medical devices shrink sharply".

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