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What does the communication power cabinet need to know before installing the generator?
Feb 19, 2018

Everyone is not so familiar with each industry. When encountering unfamiliar industries, you will basically choose to ask for help. However, before asking for help, you will know the relevant situation and avoid unnecessary trouble when installing. In particular, a machine like a solar power communication power cabinet needs to know about it before installing it.

The first thing to understand is his component. A solar power communication power cabinet is made up of many parts. They are not a whole, but are made up of parts. These parts have their own characteristics and requirements. If they are treated in the same way during installation, they will not be able to do so, and there will be various problems after use.

Then learn how to collect the most solar energy. In the same spot, the sun's rise and fall is not the same as the solar energy collected during each period. Measure, therefore, can use the corresponding tools, and then to calculate, in these sites, select a sunshine time the longest place, then install the machine here, so as to make his role play to the largest extent.

The last thing to understand is how the circuit is installed. Many people use solar power communication power cabinets to provide their own electricity. But there is a distance from the site where the house is installed. In this distance, there will be many obstacles and modification. Therefore, before installation, the circuit must be inspected and planned. Otherwise, it will be a waste of time to find the problem during installation.

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