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Use of photovoltaic grid connected inverter
Jan 20, 2018

China's photovoltaic power generation system is the use of DC system, that is to say the solar electricity, to recharge the battery, and go directly to the battery to supply the power to the load, and this process requires charging and power generation, grid connected inverter connected to the DC, we received, through the inverter into we provide different alternating current needs, in this process, operation of equipment, the inverter needs to Unicom Network, this system can achieve the standardization and compatibility, especially our civil power now, because most of the AC load, the photovoltaic power DC power supply is difficult to enter as a commodity market.

Therefore, the DC power generation system needs to convert the desulfurization power to AC power directly, so that we can directly control the demand of power for different power generation systems. It is now widely used in photovoltaic power generation, wind power generation, fuel cell power generation using small hydropower and other renewable energy power generation system, it can provide a variety of power conversion and perfect access scheme, the maximum extent, we solve the power supply system encountered in the current transition difficulties, but also provides a convenient the conditions for our electricity supply.

It can be said that the emergence of grid connected inverter, provides a condition for us to make full use of renewable energy power generation system, also let us in remote areas of friends, to renewable energy power supply system with pure natural, we solve all aspects of power shortage, such as new energy power generation system today this model meet we'll use a demand for energy, also let us have a new understanding for the environment, for this technology we have reached full grasp.

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