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Related definitions of grid connected inverters
Jan 20, 2018

In fact, it is the grid connected inverter DC will be transformed into a combination device of alternating current, if the DC voltage is low to boost by alternating current transformer, AC voltage standard and frequency of use and then get it, for we all need electricity and industrial machinery, transportation, electrical products and so on play a crucial role. But we convert different devices for current conversion requirements are not the same, for large capacity inverter because of DC bus voltage is higher, when the AC output, generally do not need to boost transformer can reach the standard of electric payment, so it can be used to direct the large power supply equipment.

While a small capacity inverter, because the DC voltage itself is relatively low, such as 12 volts DC voltage of 24 volts, in the process of application, if you want to change current, it is necessary to design a boost circuit, that is to say, when we use this the division of different specifications, we can according to their own needs to use the conditions to choose different types of inverter, which can meet the different needs of our industry, our power supply equipment to provide maximum protection.

And now this inverter has overcome various circuit faults, it greatly improves the work efficiency of our power supply equipment, through the emergence of grid connected devices, the voltage and current of the exchange, with a convenient input, input conditions, it can be very easy to convert AC into direct current or direct current into alternating current, we meet the various aspects of the electric power supply and demand, give us electricity, provide a use of advanced conditions.

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