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Use and maintenance of grid connected inverter
Jan 20, 2018

For the use of inverter we should pay attention to the use of related methods and maintenance items. Moreover, the grid connected inverter is also in this range, it is composed of different types of inverter, we should first check before installation, whether he is in the process of transportation has been damaged, ensuring the integrity of the electrical equipment. Is the first condition we use in safety, we should ensure that the installation time when we choose the installation site, the surrounding range without any interference of electronic power devices, so as not to affect the normal conditions of use we for your toilet, also bring unsafe factors to our installation in electrical connection before to disconnect all circuit.

In particular, if we use the time of solar power generation equipment, when we install the inverter, if exposed to sunlight irradiation range within the photovoltaic array will be our dangerous voltage, so we at the time of installation must pay attention to the installation environment, installation and operation of all must by professional and technical personnel to complete, so we can ensure the accuracy of the installation, and the installation and use of regulatory and safety. Moreover, the installation conditions for the use of electrical equipment must meet the electrical standards stipulated by our country.

This is also an important condition for our correct use of grid connected inverters, and it is also a precondition that we can be more secure in the process of future use. In addition we when installed, will get the local power sector permission to have a professional and technical personnel to complete all electrical connections, electrical connection again after implementation of grid connected you, before performing any maintenance work, you should first disconnect between the marginal and the grid is related to click on the link, cut off the electrical DC power supply, so as to avoid danger.

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