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What are the types of grid connected inverters?
Jan 05, 2018

Grid connected inverter is generally differentiated according to the way of power generation, mainly including photovoltaic power generation, wind power generation, power equipment and power generation. These different kinds of inverters also have different application scenarios. Next, let's take a look at these different kinds of inverter's usage scenarios.

There are different kinds of PV grid connected inverters, which are caused by the conversion efficiency of solar energy and the different form of placement. Now there are more common series inverter, multi group inverter, centralized inverter and component inverter. String inverter is the most popular on the market today, his benefit is reduced and the best photovoltaic inverter does not match the situation, and will not be affected by any string between the different modules and shading effect, which makes the power generation become more, makes the inverter become more reliable, and lower cost.

Besides, some centralized inverters, centralized inverters are usually applied in large power station systems. The main advantage is that the cost of the system is very low, and the power is relatively low, but it will be restricted by illumination. The multi cluster inverter mainly uses the characteristics of centralized inverter and cluster inverter, which is used to generate electricity for large photovoltaic power station, and avoids its shortcomings. The component inverter connects each photovoltaic component to an inverter, making the component more compatible with the inverter.

The use of wind power generation grid connected inverter also has a lot of applications, is a very clean use of energy, wind power generation technology has become more and more popular in today, but it is affected by natural weather conditions limit, the inverter input and output is not stable. Power generation grid connected inverters mainly use internal combustion engines, which are widely used in daily life.

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