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How should the inverter choose
Jan 05, 2018

The inverter main technical index is the existence of three aspects, one is the current one is the output power factor, and finally there is the input voltage and so on, we can examine their products for inverter is able to compare the parameters of the. The inside of the equipment capacity is very enough, if a single relatively large capacity inverter, is prone to a lot of trouble in power generation system, the loss of time is great, some inverter capacity is relatively small, is very much the number of used equipment, will also increase the number of maintenance the.

From all aspects to consider the amount of words is to choose a higher efficiency, more power to consider. The concentration of the power inverter is the main characteristics of a single relatively large, now the main memory is mainly 500kW, a lot of power in the United States is the mainstream, their integration is also constantly improve, a company in Germany this year is out of the single power, two types in accordance with the is the inside of the circuit structure can be divided into the following.

Now there are some things most medium-sized, photovoltaic power plants in the world, the ratio of more than 98%, through the comparison of disgust is in the power station inside data maintenance, power loss is quite the same, because the type of all the maintenance, the concentration of things that can maintain during the period of the equipment cost still has a very big advantage, and in large scale power plant, is regularly replaced, maintenance personnel on time will be more than the time and equipment.

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