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The distributed inverter is the future development direction
Jan 05, 2018

In the use of photovoltaic power plants, the inverter can be said to be inside the heart, can undertake is computer transformation and grid control effect in power system inside inverter scheme determines which the simulation is not can play a very big effect, high conversion efficiency of the inverter is also a key factor of power generation the algorithm determines the quality of the inverter is not very high, the safety and reliability between them is directly related to pay station is not able to run out the effective monitoring, the function is based on optimization.

From the type of point of view, it is the traditional photovoltaic inverter can be divided into two series and concentrated, in the homogenization of the inverter becomes more secure for now, inverter scheme is now become industry all the attention points above is to innovation the most powerful technology and their ability for investigation of Zhuge for now, the inverter, finally created a technical line third own inside. The main features of the distributed inverter are centralization for you to change, and there will be three aspects of the experience.

To reduce the amount of power will bring their own PV in scattered when the loss of the above objective form is dispersed because of various factors lead to lose their configuration, the distributed inverter inside every intelligent direction is likely to have several control modules, and centralized inverter a bonus, too when will greatly reduce their series mismatch losses, the power system is benefit will increase by one percent, has reduced the inverter scheme inside linear AC loss.

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