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Inspection and maintenance steps of photovoltaic inverter
Jan 05, 2018

When the inverter stop, first through the LCD panel above the shutdown operation, after controlling the inverter shutdown, after it through the inverter AC output to the circuit breaker to stop the rotation, disconnect switch inverter is behind, will make the inverter direct communication cabinet, after the two direct input inverter inside. The circuit breaker directly to rotation is closed inside, disconnect yourself in front of the opening, if directly to the power supply inverter set into an external scale, but also can cut off the external power supply inside, after the circuit breaker will have to quit and run.

After determining the inverter and AC side completely disconnected, the side is to use their own inspection inside the million exchange table, is sure that he is not a little, even will not be re determined after power on, and then can be received on the bottom line, observe the inverter is not the existence of hanging place that observation is not the existence of deformation, check out around is not above the environmental humidity, air entrance when all is to check the filter is not normal.

Start the inverter, first of all to the ground down, after the transformer box above the close to the side after the opening, and then the inverter AC output of Xi'an road opened directly to the switch stage, after the closure of a junction box to start, and then use the DC cabinet has been closed to truly enter the start, then two a direct current is to open the stage, wait for about a minute, in turn the other things are open, is the inverter can be started.

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